30-day challenge – day 19

30-day challenge – day 19

wide squat hold w/ clappers & pullovers – stand with your feet as wide as possible with your toes pointed forward & without slipping. drop your butt towards the floor keeping your chest up & forward & hold. straighten your arms out in front of you approx. shoulder height & press your palms together, then move your hands out to the “t” position, squeezing your shoulder blades together; repeat. stay in your squat & interlace your fingers, wrists at 90 degrees, & elbows straight. lift your hands above your head as high as possible without bending your elbows, then lower them down your waist. repeat.

lateral leg lift w/ femur rotations – lay on your side with your entire body in a straight line. tighten your thighs & pull your toes toward your shins. as you lift & lower your top leg, rotate your leg from the hip socket up & down, keeping your leg straight – approx. 6 rotations up, 6 rotations down. repeat on other leg.

marching tricep bridge (in place) – sit on the floor with your hands behind your butt directly beneath your shoulders, fingers facing your toes; feet flat on the floor, feet & knees hip width apart, knees at a 90 degree angle. squeeze your glutes & lift your hips as high as possible without it going into your low back, & hold. march in place lifting each foot approx. 3″ off the floor.

frog kicks – on your back with your hands under your butt, legs out straight, looking at your feet. bring your knees toward your chest, then open your knees as you straighten out your legs. repeat rotating your hips in the opposite direction.

long wide shoulder bridge hold – on your back, straighten your legs out on the floor, then spread them as wide as possible while keeping your toes pointed toward the ceiling. squeeze your glutes & attempt to lift them off the floor & hold.

supermans – on your stomach with your arms out straight above your head & your legs out straight behind you. lift both your arms & your feet off the floor & lower back down to the floor simultaneously. keep each movement under control, do not use momentum or let gravity take over

single leg downward dog squats – on your hands & knees, hands directly beneath your shoulders, knees directly beneath your hips, feet hip width apart. curl your toes under, straighten your legs, & go into a downward dog. lift one foot off the floor & hold it off the floor. bring the other knee back to the floor, then straighten that leg again, driving the heel toward the floor. repeat on other leg.

hero leans – on your knees with your knees & feet hip width apart, feet relaxed. keep your body a plank from your knees to your head. lean back as far as you can then pull yourself forward. don’t arch your back or bend your hips.

alternating narrow/wide squat hops (in place) – stand with your feet hip width apart, toes pointed forward. squat down keeping your chest up & forward. hop in the air bringing your feet out wide, land in a squat with your toes pointed forward. hop in the air bringing your feet hip width apart, land in a squat. repeat.

high knees running (in place) – run in place driving your knees to your chest each step.