Q. Do your fitness classes involve fighting?

A. No. Our fitness classes are designed to work all of the muscles of your body that you need to use on a daily basis. If you have no desire at all for boxing, kicking, etc., you will not be forced to do any of it. I have separate classes & lessons for fighting skills training.

Q. I want to lose weight, what should I eat?

A. That all depends on your lifestyle & activity level. However, you should stay away from refined sugar, processed foods, fast food, etc.. For a detailed diet plan designed for you, schedule a Nutritional Counseling session.

Q. I want to lose weight, what should I do?

A. Simple answer is: reduce your calorie intake & increase your activity level. For a weight-loss plan suited to you, schedule a Nutritional Counseling session & Fitness Assessment.

Q. Do you offer personal sessions?

A. Absolutely.

Q. How often should we meet?

A. That will depend on your goals, schedule, & budget. We can design a fitness routine schedule that works for you based on all factors involved when you schedule a Fitness Assessment.

Q. What gear do I need to own in order to take your boxing class?

A. Initially, you’ll just need comfortable workout clothes. We have handwraps, boxing gloves, etc. for participants to use. However, if you plan to be in boxing for a while, it’s a good idea to buy your own basic boxing equipment: handwraps, gloves, &, if you plan to spar, headgear, & mouthpiece. If you don’t want to train barefoot, you will also need to get your own boxing shoes.

Q. I don’t want to get punched. Do I have to spar?

A. No. No one is ever forced to spar.

Q. Are you a fighter?

A. Yes. I have competed in many MMA bouts as well as the 2008 Oregon Golden Gloves.

Q. What can I do to stop ____ from hurting?

A. Get moving! Inactivity is #1 reason people hurt. To make sure you’re moving correctly, schedule a Fitness Assessment & get a customized routine based on what your body needs so you feel good.

Q. I can’t wait to spar! How many lessons do I have to take before I can start to spar?

A. Excellent! That’s wonderful!! You’ll be allowed to spar when you & at least one other student has both the ability to control your striking & the ability to defend yourselves. There is no set # of lessons.

Q. What is sparring?

A. Sparring is simulated fighting under controlled pacing & settings. The intent of sparring partners to help each other become better fighters, not “kill” your partner.

Q. Do I need a membership with USA Boxing or any other organization to take boxing lessons?

A. Nope. Just come on in & have fun!