30-day challenge – day 18

30-day challenge – day 18

spread foot active clocks – stand with your feet as wide as possible while keeping your toes pointed forward & without slipping. squeeze your glutes & tighten your thighs & do your active clocks holding this position with your legs.

traveling bear crawl – start on your hands & knees, hands directly beneath your shoulders, knees directly beneath your hips. lift your knees approx. 3″ off the floor keeping your butt low & your back parallel with the floor. take a few steps forward driving your knees toward your chest, not rotating your hips back & forth, bringing your knees outside your elbows. then take a few steps backwards. repeat.

tricep bridge hold w/ alternating ruep kicks – start sitting on the floor with your feet flat on the floor out in front of you, hip width apart, & knees at 90 degrees. place your hands behind you directly beneath your shoulders, fingers facing your toes. squeeze your glutes & lift your hips up into the air as high as possible without it going into your low back & hold. drive one knee toward your chest, then straighten your leg all the way out touching your heel to the floor. do the same with your other leg. repeat.

alternating narrow / wide push-ups – in push-up position (either from your feet, knees, or dog push-ups), start with your hands right next to your body so your elbows touch your rib cage as you do your push-up. do one push-up, then move (or hop) your hands out wider & do another push-up. repeat.

prone 3-position clock holds – on your stomach with your arms straight above your head (at the “noon” position) & your legs straight out behind you. let your toes touch & relax your heels out to the side. rotate your arms so your thumbs point to the ceiling. lift your arms as high as possible & hold. move your hands out to 10 & 2 & repeat. finally, move your hands out to 9 & 3 & repeat.

v-up crunch – on your back with your legs out straight & your arms straight above your head. keeping your legs & arms straight crunch up & touch your fingers to your toes. if that strains your back, crunch up bringing both knees to your chest, arms straight in front of you. straighten out your body & repeat.

alternating lateral plank hold on hands – on your side with your body in a straight line, place your hand directly underneath your shoulder. squeeze your glutes, engage your abs, straighten your arm, lifting your hips off the floor. raise your other hand toward the ceiling, look toward it, & hold for 5 seconds. rotate to the other side, keeping your hips up & your body a plank.

air bench wall glides & pulls – in an air bench (aka wall sit, aka air chair) with your knees & feet hip width apart, hips & knees 90 degrees, feet directly beneath your knees. keep your weight in your heels & press your entire back into the wall. place your arms in the “stick-’em-up” position with your elbows & backs of your hands against the wall (if you can’t get your hands to the wall, keep pressing them in that direction). raise your hands above your head as high as possible keeping both your elbows & hands in contact with the wall, then pull your elbows down to your sides as low as possible keeping both your elbows & your hands in contact with the wall. repeat.

pendulum lunges w/ reverse pullover hold – stand with your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart, toes pointed forward. interlace your fingers behind your back, straighten your arms, pulling your hands toward the floor, lift your hands off your butt, & hold. keeping your leg straight, lift it in front of you, then step back behind you & lunge, keeping your weight in that leg, upper body straight & tall, & not letting your front knee go in front of your ankle. do all reps on this leg, then repeat on other leg.

invisible jump rope – if you have a jump rope, jump rope. if not, mime turning a rope around your body while you hop over it.