I have been working with phoenix functional fitness for several months and have been amazed by the results!  They helped me lose 20 lbs and train for my third marathon.  Since we began our sessions, I have felt more balanced and in better control of my movement.  I cannot recommend them enough!

Nicholas D.

Exercising has always been a part of my life. But when I hurt myself a number of years ago, exercising became increasingly more difficult. Every time I’d start back up, I’d re-injure myself to the point that I just stopped completely. I knew that wasn’t the answer but I didn’t know what else to do. That was when I met up with Janna of phoenix functional fitness. She’s great! She was able to have me do exercises around my injuries to where I could strengthen my body to keep from getting hurt. She also demonstrated each exercise and watched to make sure I had the right form. Today, I’m out of pain, have exercises that keep me strong, and owe it all to Janna and her “tough love”.


I’ve been attending Janna of  phoenix functional fitness‘s women’s boxing class off and on for about four years. I like that she challenges me. And I like that we learn actual boxing technique. In her fitness classes, she’s great at assessing a student’s skill and ability, adjusting workouts for you if you have injuries, correcting your form during class, and encouraging you along the way. I love it!

Grace W.

phoenix functional fitness leads a great boxing workout with emphasis on technique and conditioning to build strength and speed. It’s a great way to cover your whole body, including cardio.

Laura L.

Janna of phoenix functional fitness is a wonderful coach, she is very observant and has been able to pinpoint obstacles for me and help me overcome them. I have improved my fitness under her direction with constant advancement and without being pushed too hard. She consistently focuses on every part of fitness; not just cardio and strength but also flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Similarly in boxing, she knows my abilities and works with me to go further in each class without undue stress. I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence with Janna as my coach.

Tess B.

I am a 50 year old father and very active part-time athlete.  My weekly activities consist of rough housing with my 11 year old son, ice hockey, competitive bicycling, and running.  I have a history of back problems that have hindered me for extended periods over the past 20+ years.  I have been training with phoenix functional fitness for a little over a year now.  My previous workout routine consisted of stretching, weights, and aerobic exercise at the local gym chain.  This approach was not preventing me from either aggravating old back injuries or injuring other areas of my body.  The good news is that phoenix’s training has dramatically improved my overall health and my back has benefited significantly from their whole body approach.  I am functionally stronger head-to-toe and less prone to injury.  Thanks to phoenix functional fitness, I am essentially pain free, feeling younger, and ready to take on new challenges each day.
Nate P.

I have always hated to exercise – it hurt & I got too tired so it was easy to do almost anything else…that is until I started phoenix functional fitness’s conditioning classes. I’ve stuck with them for over a year now & have noticed increased core strength, tone, & improved tolerance for harder workouts. I really like & have benefitted from the variety phoenix provides, from strength & endurance to flexibility & range of motion. They will also modify your workout to your abilities or other issues such as pain, strained back or knee, etc. I’ve had other classes in various gyms & none compare to these classes. When I keep up with their classes, I have fewer migraines which is a benefit I didn’t even anticipate, but really appreciate. I even felt in good enough shape to resume snow skiing last year after many years absence.

I plan to continue these classes indefinitely!

Thank you phoenix functional fitness!!

Janice P.

I am writing about the fantastic ALL-WOMEN boxing class I’ve been taking! I have had the pleasure of attending two classes with phoenix functional fitness, who take a holistic approach to boxing. In the two classes I’ve taken, I’ve worked on footwork, correct punching technique, & total body conditioning. You get a complete work out in these classes. Janna of phoenix functional fitness is a talented, knowledgable teacher that you will learn from & progress quickly from week to week. I can attest to how great she is. Did I mention the class is ALL-WOMEN? And the first one is FREE! That’s right, there’s no obligation to try it out. So, try it out!!

Sasha B.