30-day challenge – day 11

30-day challenge – day 11

single leg standing elbow curls – stand with your feet hip width apart, toes pointed forward. lift one foot off the floor & do elbow curls: knuckles on your temple, keep your hands relaxed & wrists straight, bring your elbows together then apart, squeezing your shoulder blades together. repeat on other leg.

prone 3-position active clocks – on your stomach with your arms straight above your head & legs straight, toes together & heels relaxed outward. rotate your hands so your thumbs point toward the ceiling, pull your shoulder blades down, & lift & lower your hands off the floor – don’t drop your hands to the floor using gravity. repeat at 10 & 2 and 9 & 3.

full sit up hold – on your back with your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart, toes pointed forward. sit up then lean halfway back & hold.

bear crawl position alternating hand leg opposites – start on your hands & knees, hands directly beneath your shoulders, knees directly beneath your hips. lift your knees off the floor approx. 3″, keeping your back & butt parallel to the floor. hold this while you straighten your right arm with your left leg followed by your left arm with your right leg. repeat.

big flutter kicks – on your back, straighten your legs out, tighten your thighs & pull your toes toward your shins. place your hands under your hips & kick your legs keeping your legs straight.

tricep dips on bench – sit on the edge of a chair, bench, or table with your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart where your knees are slightly greater than 90 degrees. place your hands on the surface next your hips directly beneath your shoulders with your fingers facing your feet. bring your hips off the bench, then drop your hips to the floor as far as you can, then lift them back up, keeping your elbows in while they ben.

overhead extension feet staggered full squats – stand with your feet hip width apart, toes pointed forward & take a medium step forward with one leg. interlace your fingers, turn your palms away from you, straighten your arms, & lift your hands above your head as far as possible keeping your arms straight. keep your weight in your heels & your chest up as you squat. repeat with your feet in opposite positions.

kneeling roller coasters w/ return – start in childs pose with your feet & knees hip width apart & your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. dive your head, then chest, then hips to the floor; arch your back, straighten your arms, & look up to the ceiling. go back to position 1 the way you came. repeat.

rotational stork lunges – stand with your feet hip width apart, toes pointed forward. rotate your knee out as far as you can without rotating your pelvis, lift your knee to at least hip height, rotate your knee forward, step forward, & lunge: keep your weight in your back leg, drop your back knee directly to the floor as close as possible without leaning or bending forward. bring your feet back together – without placing your foot on the floor if possible – & repeat. do all reps on one leg then repeat with the other leg.

elbow plank jumping jacks – start in the plank position on your forearms, hands & elbows shoulder width apart, & feet hip width apart. hop your feet out as wide as possible than back to hip width. if hopping your feet out & back is too difficult, step each foot out & then step each foot back.